Client & Project
Asociația Culturală Play was founded in 2013 by a group of young parents as a response to the poor cultural and artistic education among children. Their mission is to transform the community through arts and culture.
One of their many projects is Guitar Meeting, a festival that annually gathers the community of guitarists from all over the country. The highlight of the festival is a Collective Concert where hundreds of guitar enthusiasts of all ages and all levels of knowledge, sing together, at the same time, a set of at least 15 folk-rock songs, which they have previously learned.
Design a Guitar Study Booklet that will help guitarists learn the songs that will be played during Guitar Meeting 2021.
Anamaria Sima - Project Manager & Coordinator
Ilie "Manole" Vlad - Editor
Me - Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Photoshop & Wacom Tablet - sketching, drawing & layout design
Illustrator - preparing the final document for print

Other projects

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