TK Music Lab
logo design, photos, fanzine design
Music Hub
co-fondator, graphic design, ilustrație, etc. etc.
Asociația Culturală Play
Supports young talents and encourages children to act collaboratively and responsibly.
logo design, poster design, publication design, visual identity for a festival
logo design, illustrație
Doodle Journal
Some doodles & brain dumps from a time when nothing seemed to go right.
Reset NGO
graphic design, logo design, presentation design, volunteering
KPIs Studio
logo design, illustration
2023 „Stratsubstrat” - Racolaj x Arta.nonstop
expoziție colectivă Racolaj
comunitate de colajiști
freeșop (coming soon)
(coming soon - God knows when)
2020 Noaptea albă a galeriilor - Nook
expoziție colectivă
I want to be an artist
primul caiet
ilustrație, un fel de jurnal
Arhiva de cafea și ceai
Vă vedem din Sibiu
Coworking space, events & other creative adventures
logo design, marketing design & illustration
Pineapple Digital
marketing design & illustration
North Camden Zone
Supports residents to take the lead in improving their local neighbourhoods.
hand drawn icon design
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